Born and raised in the Niagara Region of Ontario.  Andrea lived a quiet country childhood in a small town of only 15,000.  Her parents hosted many dinner parties and social events that guests would rave about for countless days after.  The memories of those days are always present in her thoughts and in her events to date.

She was introduced to the hospitality industry by the age of 11 when family friends needed help with a wedding for which their staff had called in sick.  Her first title was coat check clerk and a one night fill in position became a part time job on weekends and evenings during the week.    Accepting all the shifts she could the hall eventually expanded her duties to include a specialty coffee bar and table checking during the event.

Andrea’s love for entertaining and socializing grew into a passion in her late teens.   She formed a company called VIP Hosting and her and her friends started their work as hosts.   Andrea was in charge of finding the jobs and her friends would come along and assist her with whatever needed to be done.  Even at an early age her direction and confidence was one of her strongest abilities and what eventually created a business and income for her and her friends.

Through her high school internship she discovered the Chamber of Commerce and began work with them outside of her educational program.  This position created a totally different outlook to her business and her future. She had opened a door to a new way of marketing her business.  By the age of 16 she was planning the local Chamber events including golf tournaments, breakfast meetings, annual board of director’s lunches and much more.

A student of Niagara College’s, Hotel and Restaurant Management program she studied her way through college while working at a restaurant and local hotel mostly working back to back shifts.  Her love of the industry was very apparent in the long hours and dedication to the each job.

When school was finished she continued to work at the hotel until a position for banquet manager came up.  She jumped at the opportunity but was hit with intense scrutiny.  Andrea was only 19 years old with no experience.  The owners decided to give her a chance and hired her.  Within the first month she had booked 10 weddings to take place the following year.   By the time she ended her career with the hotel a record number of bookings had been placed.  She was 20 year of age.

She took a brief break from the industry to work in the technology end of business.  These years had proven to give her a greater strength, increased self-esteem and 100 percent confidence to move forward in anything she did.

By age 22 VIP Hosting was put into full speed ahead action for the first time in years.  Andrea created a clientele of prominent business’s and executed many events including poker run’s, weddings, corporate sales meetings abroad, baptism’s, golf tournaments, hosting events for the Molson Indy, Benson and Hedges and Shoeless Joe’s restaurants.  The business was flourishing and Andrea was fulfilling her passion for entertaining at last.

The business has grown into a successful team of event geniuses and with every function the ideas get more creative and exciting.    She continues to bring simplicity and class to each and every function no matter what the event.

Andrea loves to travel and ski with her children.  Her many hobbies include working out with her trainer, watching live hockey games and walking along the paths of lake Ontario.

Andrea Caron